Edmonton Short term furniture rental

Renting furniture for short term lease in Edmonton and around at affordable rates

Short term Furniture lease

After flood waters recede, home restoration poses a challenge to many. To remain safe, you must wait until the authorities in your area give the go-ahead.

Floods usually damage furniture and render some of it useless. For the little that you can salvage, you are not sure how a long it will take.  

Similarly, attempts to restore damaged furniture after fire guts your home involves a long and tedious process. For both flooding and fire, there’s cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and drying in the sun or through direct heat. However, you cannot salvage items such as furniture coverings, cushions, paddings, pillows and mattresses. 

Even with home insurance, you must wait for the assessors and the settlement of your claim. You might end up waiting for longer than you had initially anticipated. In all these cases you cannot sit and wait while you do nothing. A short-term furniture lease arrangement helps restore your dignity and that of your loved ones.  

There may be other reasons why you may require to rent furniture for short period of time. No matter what the situation or need, we are here to offer top quality furniture to rent. 

What is Furniture Rental best solution for?

Furniture rental is ideal for transitions. A call for duty that requires you to move can cause an abrupt relocation from your place. When relatives or friends come calling, you will have to extend your hospitality and host them. While in your town for days or weeks, they will need a place to stay. Finding furnished apartments can be challenging. Hotels are also expensive. Rooms that no one uses, the basement, or space in the garage are options you might consider. During these circumstances, Contemporary Furniture Rental offers the best solution. Just describe your needs, and our team shall address it. 

How can we help?

We have made it easy for you to obtain furniture rental in the most convenient ways: 

  • You contact and notify us by phone, email or visit to our showroom 
  • Our friendly and experienced staff get an update of the situation 
  • We proceed to recommend available options depending on your circumstances 
  • You select the most suitable type of furniture or rental package 
  • The Contemporary Furniture Rental team then loads the furniture onto a truck and delivers to your home As soon as you regain your footing, say after fire or floods, you inform us, and we pick the items 
  • There are no hassles plus we do all the heavy work 
  • We assemble the pieces, pack, load our trucks, deliver, offload and arrange in the designated areas 
  • As soon as you feel that you have had enough of our furniture, you notify us, and we shall pick it up the same way we came 

What type of short-term Furniture Rental can you get?

Short term rental lasts for between 30 days to three years. At Contemporary Furniture Rentalwe have a wide variety of furniture pieces ranging. You can choose from, living room, lounge, bedroom, and guest wing furniture. Our inventory consists of well-maintained and clean furniture. We will use every available resource way to ensure that we deliver what we promise. What you see posted online is what you will find in our showroom. For professional stagers and real estate agents, you should take advantage of our accessories and staging furniture. Do you have an upcoming home and office expo? Call us, and we shall deliver.