Renting furniture for staging homes, offices, warehouses and much more.

Home staging Furniture Rental

By improving the aesthetics of a property that you intend to sell or rent, you make it look inviting to the target buyers. If anything, a clean and professionally furnished house has the potential to fetch more on the market. Also, the apartment or office space does not stay in the market for long.  

If you are seeking to sell and move on to other projects, Contemporary Furniture Rental is ready to assist. Our staging furniture comes at a reasonable leasing cost. We guarantee results. Our capable team has, in the past, helped realtors sell their residential or commercial spaces in record time. 

Our terms for home staging furniture rental are flexible. All we need is a brief on your project. After that, our team of experts will pick the pieces we find suitable. Alternatively, you can choose what you like, but we can throw in a tip or two. We feature a variety of imported and Canadian designs. 

What is home staging?

Have been recently searching for a house to buy? If you answered in the affirmative, did you notice how the realtors spruced up the rooms? The styling, furniture arrangement, interior décor, and accessorizing is the work of professional stagers. 

Home staging refers to the collective tasks undertaken to increase the appeal of a house, hence making it saleable. The objective is to attract the attention of buyers. The more the prospects that develop an interest, the higher your chances of selling the property become. 

Staging work utilizes tools such as furniture, carpets, accessories, lighting, paintings, and artworks. What stagers aspire to do is to create a good impression. Also, styling a home helps realtors and property agents obtain more than the initial selling price making it a must-do for home and commercial property owners. Contemporary Furniture Rental offers the best quality of home styling furniture and accessories at competitive price. 

How can staging furniture help make sale or lease out property?

Property that is spruced-up with staging furniture sells quickly as compared to one that is not. A clean and furnished apartment makes potential buyers imagine that they already own the house. Tenants too do envision taking occupancy of the space and how they would fit.  

Through the assistance from Contemporary Furniture Rentallandlords and their agents can highlight features that buyers or tenants would find appealing. Photos taken in a staged house and displayed online or in print media help you market the space by enhancing your selling point. 

Staging helps you minimize risk while also protecting your privacy. Our rental assistance team is always ready to provide insight and guidance on room layout and interior décor. We will provide you with furniture and accessories that help make the houses you intend to rent or sell look more spacious and less cluttered.    

Why choose Contemporary Furniture Rentals for staging furniture?

  • Whatever your need, we have the right type of furniture or accessories 
  • Our customer friendly team will proactively help you pick the furniture pieces that align with the space you are seeking to sell 
  • We pack and deliver fast ensuring that you get the furniture on time and at the right place 
  • We ascribe to the highest safety standards in the industry 
  • We are Edmonton’s onestop shop for homeowners, builders, real estate professionals and stagers 
  • Stylish furniture that mirrors your project, plus full cooperation from commencement to finish 
  • Success stories and positive experiences from our past customers solidifies our reputation